Menu of the day of Hotel Aigle

We believe is important to provide our guests with the opportunity of finding out our menu-of-the-day even from distance! You can do so simply by daily-visiting this page, or by scanning with your smartphone the QR-code that can be found printed on your room-key.

We will reopen on Friday, June 21st 2024

Starting from Sunday 7 April 2024 we will remain closed for a while, for “seasonal rest” waiting for nature to explode again and invade the nearby high altitude valleys with flowers, colors and scents, and for the waters coming from the melting snowfields they refill the streams that make these valleys so bucolic and spectacular.

The ski season is now over, but the snow will persist for a while at altitude, covering the paths which in summer offer many opportunities for excursions and walks for a few more weeks. Soon along the banks of the Ferret and Veny streams you will return to enjoying the coolness in the shade of pines and larches. The road that goes up to Val Veny will be open again, and the paths that reach the refuges so loved by hikers will be accessible again. Fishing and golf enthusiasts will be able to practice their passions, while thousands of people will frequent the green valleys for picnics, walks and more or less demanding excursions.

We will be here, to welcome you as always and to put at your disposal our welcome, our cuisine and of course our house, which for the time you are here will be your home in the mountains, near the SkyWay and the Val Veny cable car which it goes up to Pre’ de Pascal and with the most beautiful view you could wish for of the spectacular Mont Blanc and the peaks that crown it.

We will reopen on Friday June 21, 2024, ready to welcome you in the best possible way, as has been our tradition for more than 20 years.

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Friday, June 21st 2024


First Courses

Second Courses

Side dishes


Personalize your dinner by choosing your favorite dishes. On the day of your arrival you can send your preferences via email to:

The course in UPPER CASE can also be chosen in addition, as a starter. Gluten-free dishes are served on coloured/marked plates. *Frozen products; ** Products treated with food blast chiller, by us.

Dinner will be served at 8.00 pm

All types of fresh pasta such as gnocchi, ravioli and lasagna, and all desserts, are home-made by our chefs. Exceptions to this are some types of dry-pasta (such as spaghetti and penne), used in rare cases and/or to meet specific dietary requests by guests.

Some gastronomic preparations may have been made by using frozen(*) or blast chilled(**) ingredients, and may contain allergens. For any information on ingredients and allergens please ask our staff for the appropriate documentation. If the dinner menu may result whatsoever uncompatible with your diet and you wish to ask for changes, please inform our staff by noon of the very same day.