Courmayeur is one of the most important mountain resorts in Europe. Its fame, of course, largely depends on its exceptional location at the foot of the southern side of Mont Blanc, which is milder and sunnier than the northern one. But to this prerogative is added the particular charm that comes from being a town with elegance and an extraordinary wealth of opportunities, while maintaining the appearance of a high mountain station.

The territory of Courmayeur

With its 4810 m high, Mont Blanc is by far the most impressive mountain system in the Alps. The huge wall rises at the end of the Aosta Valley, creating a natural barrier between Italy and France. The two sides communicate with each other in two ways: through the tunnel, which connects Courmayeur to Chamonix in about 20/30 ‘by car, and through the famous Skyway, which climbs over the mountain with its spectacular jumps, offering exciting scenarios. At the foot of Mont Blanc, two wonderful valleys extend in opposite directions: Val Ferret and Val Veny. Two very different landscapes, which offer opportunities and emotions for everyone.
Scorcio di Via Roma, la strada dello shopping a Courmayeur. Courmayeur is the last important town on the road from Aosta to the Mont Blanc tunnel. It stands on the left bank of the Dora, 4 km from the entrance to the tunnel. The oldest and most picturesque part of Courmayeur is aligned around the main axis of Via Roma. Historical buildings and many hotels, clubs and shops overlook it. Among the most significant buildings are the Town Hall, the parish church of San Pantaleone, the ancient Malluquin tower and the House of the Guides, now home to the Duca degli Abruzzi Alpine Museum. The most interesting places from a cultural point of view are the Congress Center, the PalaNoir, home to the projections of the “Noir in Festival”, the rich library and the Jardin dell’Ange, home to the Mont Blanc cross-border museum.

What to do in Courmayeur

Courmayeur offers opportunities for anyone. Those who want to take care of their body will find spas, wellness centers and, above all, the nearby thermal baths of Pré-Saint-Didier. The resources for all mountain sports are absolutely infinite: Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, freeride, hiking, mountaineering, mountain running, mountain biking, rafting, paragliding, fishing, golf, horse riding. In addition, the large Courmayeur Sport Center allows you to practice many other sports all year round: swimming, ice skating, tennis, squash, rock climbing, soccer, gymnastics, etc. But Courmayeur is not just a place to rest and do physical activity. Its territory and its position make it the starting point for rich and surprising tourist itineraries, to discover many places in the Aosta Valley, France and Switzerland. Just mention Aosta, Chamonix, Annecy, Martigny, Lausanne and Geneva. Furthermore, it is one of the best places to appreciate the quality and variety of the best gastronomic and wine tradition of the Aosta Valley. Last but not least, with its many shops, markets, restaurants and bars, Courmayeur is also a magnificent place to shop, relax and have fun.
The Aigle Hotel is located a few kilometers away from Courmayeur, with its shops, clubs, spas, cinemas, sports center, etc. In other words, all the life, the fervor and the activities of a world-renowned winter resort just a step away from us. Too much hustle and bustle? Too much worldliness? It’s not a problem! None of this reaches the Hotel Aigle. If you wish, go out and in a few minutes you can get it! If it rejects you, just avoid him. And so you can stay immersed in the muffled atmosphere of the winter mountains or in the warm and sunny excitement of the summer mountains. This is precisely the beauty of staying at Hotel Aigle! On the one hand, the advantage of being at the foot of Mont Blanc, a breath away from the life of Courmayeur, with all the attractions of the Aosta Valley and neighboring France close at hand. On the other hand, the possibility of withdrawing from everything, and experiencing the austerity and apotheosis of the real mountain!

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