Food and flavors in Courmayeur

Despite its rugged appearance, the Aosta Valley is a region rich in agri-food production and traditions. If we add to this the commitment of the Region in the protection and promotion of typical Aosta Valley products, we can understand the great interest it has in the agri-food and wine fields. Courmayeur is the ideal place to discover this universe. This is partly thanks to the abundance, quality and variety of restaurants, shops, markets and events that affect its territory. But partly also due to the proximity of some of the most important production sites.

Cheeses, cured meats, honey and jam

Fase di lavorazione della Fontina in caseificio dell’alta Valle d’Aosta.
Fontina processing phase in the upper Valle d’Aosta dairy
Typical of the Aosta Valley is the presence of mountain pastures and herds of dairy cows, a reality strongly supported by the Region. The expression of these efforts is the remarkable production of typical cheeses, of which the best known is Fortina D.O.P. Other dairy products include: “Fromadzo” (or “mountain cheese”), “Bleu d’Aoste” and “Brossa”. Not far from Courmayeur are some of the most important mountain pastures in the whole region. In particular, the Vertosan plateau, above Avise, and the pastures of Valgrisenche. Important dairy centers are the Fontina maturing warehouse in Pré-Saint-Didier and the Valdigne Mont Blanc cooperative dairy in Morgex. Other typical products of the Valley that can be tasted in Courmayeur and its surroundings are cured meats (including “mocetta”, lard, Saint-Rhémy ham, sausages and black puddings), fruit and vegetable production (in particular apples and pears), jams and preserves, honey.


La splendida cantina di Morgex e La Salle, meta del turismo enogastronomico.
The splendid cellar of the Cave Mont Blanc, a destination for food and wine tourism
Wine production has a long tradition in the Aosta Valley. Today the business, favored by the dry climate, is successfully carried out thanks to the commitment of the Regional Agricultural Institute and a large group of intelligent and capable producers. The result is the high quality level achieved, emphasized by the numerous awards in Italy and internationally. Among the more traditional vines stand out the Petit Rouge, the Prié Blanc, the Gamay, the Pinot Noir, the Fumin and the Nebbiolo. Great wines are made from them such as Blanc de Morgex La Salle, Infer d’Arvier, Torrette, Muscat de Chambave and Donnaz. In more recent times, other traditional vines have also been enhanced, such as Petite Arvine, Cornalin, Majolet, Vien de Nus. In the wine shops of Courmayeur it is possible to buy practically all the wines produced in the region. Furthermore, from Courmayeur it is possible to visit all the producers of the upper Valle d’Aosta. In particular, the Blanc de Morgex La Salle wineries, the Infer d’Arvier cooperative and the excellent wineries in the area between Introd and Gressan (Le Cretes, Lo Triolet, Anselmet, Grosjean, Feudo di San Maurizio, etc.), with a visit to the beautiful Coteau La Tour vineyard, near Aymavilles.
Vigneti sopra Martigny, in Svizzera Francese.
Vineyards above Martigny, in French Switzerland.
For wine lovers, Courmayeur is in an enviable position compared to the rest of the Aosta Valley. In fact, along the Mont Blanc Tunnel, it is possible to discover the wine production of Haute-Savoie and, above all, of the Martigny area, by far one of the best in Switzerland.
The attention we pay to the cuisine at the Aigle Hotel is great and we try to fully satisfy the needs of our customers. The other hand, the pleasures of the palate have no borders and no seasons. Therefore, in addition to the descents on the snow-covered slopes, cross-country skiing in Val Ferret, hiking in the mountains and mountain biking, the experience with original flavors and quality foods can also be good. The food and wine offer of the Aosta Valley is very wide and is close at hand from our hotel. Just make a short stop in the center of Courmayeur and browse the fantastic cheese shops, delicatessens, pastry shops and wine bars. Or visit the markets set up on Via Roma and in other nearby locations. Also from our hotel, you can visit important fontina producers and storage centers in Pré-Saint-Didier and Morgex and the best wineries in the Valley. In 15-20 minutes you will arrive at the Cave Mont Blanc in Morgex, while in about 30 minutes you will reach the main producers of Introd, Villeneuve and Aymavilles. And remember that, available to hotel guests, is a list of the main producers in the valley, with the most representative wines and references to make an appointment directly in the cellar. But that’s not all, because on the other side of Mont Blanc there are other worlds to explore. Chamonix, with its stalls overflowing with gastronomic delights. The cured meats and the legendary cheeses of Savoy. Martigny, with its cheese, wine and spirits shops and the wine producers of Valais.

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