Talking about the beauties of nature, in the presence of his majesty, Mont Blanc might seem ridiculous. In fact, the great mountain amply satisfies the aspirations of many, but does not necessarily cover all aspects of the interest in nature. In this respect, the botanical gardens, parks and natural oases in the area represent an alternative.

Natural beauties around Courmayeur

Il caratteristico Lago del Miage, in Val Veny.
The characteristic Miage lake, in Val Veny
From a naturalistic point of view, Courmayeur hosts many fantastic destinations. Truly picturesque is the Miage lake, in Val Veny, on whose waters a branch of the serac’s tongue of the Miage glacier ends sheer. In its run towards the valley, the glacier drags large blocks and minerals, where it is also common to find quartz crystals. Beautiful examples can be found at the Museo Alpino Duca degli Abruzzi in Courmayeur and in other permanent exhibitions. A less bombastic, but no less interesting spectacle is that of the ferruginous water sources in the Belle-Combe valley in Val Ferret, with the characteristic blood-red water bubbles, now partly ruined by recent floods. Lovers of flowers and botany can visit the Saussurea alpine botanical garden, set up at the Pavillon du Mont Fréty, intermediate station of the Mont Blanc Skyway. An interesting nature trail also starts from the garden, which among meadows, valleys and rocks, leads to a suggestive viewpoint on the superb Brenva glacier. The valleys in the Courmayeur area are inhabited by a large number of wild animals. Frequent encounters of chamois and ibex, especially in Val Ferret, on the slopes of Mont Blanc and in the valleys in front. There are also numerous foxes and deer. In recent years, eagles, bearded vultures, hawks and wolves have also appeared.

Natural beauties in the upper Aosta Valley

Cristalli di quarzo nel Museo Alpino Duca degli Abruzzi di Courmayeur.
Quartz crystals in the Duca degli Abruzzi Alpine Museum in Courmayeur
Leaving Courmayeur and proceeding towards Aosta, it is possible to visit various nature reserves, each characterized by specific elements: the Marais Nature Reserve in La Salle, the Lago Lolair Nature Reserve near Arvier, the Côte de Gargantua Nature Reserve in Gressan . Near Saint-Pierre and Saint-Nicolas (Rumiod) you can visit two sites famous for the characteristic formations of gullies and earth pyramids. Entering the Rhême and Valsavarenche valleys, or the Cogne valley, you can visit the great Gran Paradiso National Park, the first national park in Italy, full of chamois and ibex. Ibex, chamois, roe deer, marmots, hawks, squirrels are the most characteristic animals of the Courmayeur area. You can meet them by leaving the busiest roads and walking along the paths of Val Ferret and Val Veny. But it is not surprising that even in towns such as Planpincieux, in Val Ferret, one can come across shy animals, such as foxes.

Natural beauties in neighboring France and Switzerland

Impronte di dinosauri nella conca du Vieux Emosson.
Dinosaur footprints in the Vieux Emosson basin
It is really strange to imagine seeing dinosaur footprints just a few centimeters from your nose. This is possible with an itinerary of one hour by car, through the Mont Blanc tunnel to almost Finhaut, in Swiss territory. From there, with a climb up to Lac d’Emosson and a 2h30′ hike to the basin of Lac du Vieux Emosson, you reach the site at an altitude of about 2400m. Before your eyes unfolds a large inclined slab of reddish rock bearing numerous imprints of Triassic giants.
We will never stop emphasizing the ease with which from the Aigle Hotel you can reach all the interesting places in Val Ferret, Val Veny and, more generally, Valdigne. Some require not too long walking routes. Others, short trips by car, or on shuttle buses, or by bicycle or cable car. With regard to the slightly more distant naturalistic destinations, there is no doubt that, among the many positive aspects of the Hotel Aigle, one of the main ones is the convenient location. So convenient that in less than 1 km you can take all the main traffic arteries and reach all points of interest in the Aosta Valley, in Haute-Savoie and in French-speaking Switzerland. For our part, we will be at your disposal to provide you with information and advice on the best way to enjoy these natural beauties.

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