Shopping in Courmayeur

Courmayeur is one of the favorite destinations of international mountain tourism. It boasts over 60 hotels and nearly 3,000 beds. There are also over 60 restaurants of all types and levels, divided between the town and its hamlets. There are also innumerable pubs, bars and creperies, mainly concentrated in the town. But one of the reasons that make it so attractive is also the chance of great shopping.
Via Roma, strada principale per lo shopping a Courmayeur.
Via Roma, main shopping street in Courmayeur
You can go shopping in Courmayeur in both summer and winter. Go down the street, reach one end of Via Roma and follow it to the other end. Along the way you will find more than half of all the shops in Courmayeur. Shops that are often elegant and populated by “big brands”. The categories are disparate: clothing and high fashion, sports and mountains, furniture and design, gifts, sweets and delicacies, wines and spirits, food products, books and publications. A fundamental typology is constituted by sporting goods shops, which offer all types of equipment for sports practiced in the area. And not just those … Certainly, however, the attention of passers-by, even the less focused, is captured by the various shop windows with clothes by Armani, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, etc.
La Maison de Filippo, storico ristorante a Entrèves.
La Maison de Filippo, historic restaurant in Entrèves
Courmayeur knows how to satisfy even the most refined food and wine lovers! In an area that extends from the town to Val Ferret on one side and to Morgex and La Salle on the other, you can find everything. The restaurant sector is very varied. It includes both typical Aosta Valley cuisine and international cuisine, French cuisine and the so-called “nouvelle cuisine”. Some places, such as La Maison de Filippo in Entrèves, have become real “institutions”. The attention to quality and the great care in the selection of products are also found in food stores. In particular those specializing in bread, meats and cheeses. Not to mention the candy shops … With the special care to detail that characterizes them, they are a pleasure for the eye and are worth even just a look at the shop windows! In the wine field, along via Roma and other streets, there are various wine bars with tastings, some even specialized in “natural” wines. The wine shops are of excellent quality and offer both wines from the Aosta Valley and many renowned national and French labels. Moreover, a general attention to good drinking is a characteristic of the whole area.
A special advantage of the Aigle Hotel is that, despite being in the tranquility of Entrèves, when you wish you can immerse yourself in the center of Courmayeur for shopping. It takes a few minutes by car and about 15 minutes by bus. With a little more road and longer times, you can go to the other side of Mont Blanc to visit the shops and markets of Chamonix. Our staff will always be at your disposal to give you information, provide you with suggestions and, more generally, satisfy your shopping curiosity.

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