Selling Points

Welcome to the sunny-side of the Mont Blanc!

hotel aigle courmayeur view
Hotel Aigle Courmayeur view of the Mont Blanc

Okay, you are in! At this point, what are the strengths of our offer?

The Mont Blanc is a worldwide known unique site! It is not only the highest peak of Western Europe (4810 mt asl), but is also a massif on which the borders of Italy, Switzerland and France lean.

What are the selling points?

Here below a list of what we consider the highest attractions and reason why our location is of great attraction to mountain lovers. These points represent the reason why your clients would be interested in a vacation in our area. An increasing number of people put nature at the center of their interest when planning a vacation. The Mont Blanc environment offers all kind of opportunities to enjoy nature.

Here below we have narrowed down to ten (that was hard!) the reasons why Mont Blanc represents the perfect vacation/escape for your clients who love mountains or wish to try a new destination and explore new places: lovers clients:

  1. The Tour of the Mont Blanc: a Trekking experience: Looking at the Mont Blanc as the central point of a map, it represents a massif elevation that rises as a island above the surrounding valleys and, just like an island, can be circumnavigated! This is called the Tour of the Mont Blanc. It is a circular trek of several days (generally between 8 and 12) about 180 kilometers long and with more than 10,000 meters of positive elevation gain that crosses the borders of France, Switzerland and Italy. The tour is very well marked and does not present particular difficulties but requires good training. The Hotel Aigle can serve as a starting point, way-point, or ending point for this adventure! Indeed, being based in the municipality of Courmayeur, we are right on the trek, half-way on the Italian territory. Also we are at the boarding site of the SkyWay cable-car, which provides access to Helbronner Point and (via a system of cable cars) can take people back to Chamonix, hence cutting the Tour of the Mont Blanc itinerary in half – for people wanting to do only a half of the route at the time.
  2. The SkyWay is a modern cable-car that connects Entrèves (1300 mt asl) to Helbronner Point (3462 mt asl) providing a unique experience, which is one of the reasons why lots of people travel to Courmayeur, to get to the top of the massif to live the thrill of being on the Mont Blanc, enjoy the spectacular view over the Alps and the glaciers! From Helbronner Point it is possible to take a smaller cable-car to the Aiguille du Midì (France) passing over the Mer de Glace (glacier) and then from there discend to Chamonix in France (or return to Entrèves). Expert skiers, hand-gliders and paragliders take the SkyWay to reach Helbronner Point as starting point of their adventures!
  3. Heliski is short for what combines a flight in elicopter to reach mountain tops from which enjoy extreme off-piste skiing experiences! Reserved only to the most esperienced skiers, Entrèves is the base and take-off site of helicopters for both panoramic flights over the Mont Blanc, and Heliski experiences. Many off-piste skiiers use this service to be dropped at the best sites to ski off-piste down the Mont Blanc and surrounding mountains. This is one of the reason why many people come to the Aosta Valley all-year round!
  4. Rafting and fly fishing on glacier-originating creeks and rivers! The river that flows down the Valley of Aosta is called Dora Baltea. Its waters originate from the melting, in Spring and Summer, of the ice of the Mont Blanc glaciers which run the bottom of the above valleys Ferret and Veny before merging and becoming Dora Baltea. This is why in the Summer, when most rain-fed rivers are dry, the Dora Baltea is at its water flow peak! This turns the Dora Baltea into one of the best, if not the best, river in Europe to experience rafting! For the aboundance of water and fish, the Dora rivers (Dora Baltea, Dora Ferret and Dora Veny) are also loved by fisherman. These are more reasons why many people come to the Aosta Valley in the Summer!
  5. A great Alpine experience! Climbing, ice-climbing, and bouldering here where alpinism was born and made into history is one of the reasons why many climbers come to our village of Entrèves! Indeed the massif of the Mont Blanc legacy is very strong. With the first ascent from the French side dating back to August 8th 1786 and the first descent on the Italian side dating August 1st 1890, the Mont Blanc represents the history of mountaneering.
  6. Mountain bike (and e-bike) e kilomentres of trails are there to be enjoyed on a MTB in a unique environment, beautiful landscape and breathtaking views. This is what the valleys and mountains, surrounding the Mont Blanc massif, offer; with scenic tracks that run on mountain crests, valley bottoms, and through larch and fir trees woods.
  7. The Glacier experience is another amazing reason to come to Entréves and the Mont Blanc where it is possible – for anyone! – an easy access to the glaciers thanks again to the modern cable-car called the SkyWay. With the guidance of expert guides it is possible to explore part of the glaciers by snowshoeing and ski-mountaineering; or simply enjoy looking at these immense sea of ice that covers all-year-round the highest valleys of the Mont Blanc massif.
  8. Skiing, gliding and speedriding: The great massif of the Mont Blanc offers opportunities to practice and enjoy Alpine-ski, off-piste ski, cross-country ski, snowshoewing, and is a paradise for gliders and speedriders. The Helbronned Point (at 3462 mt asl) is the take off site for breathtaking flighs.
  9. Golfing among the mountains is one of the opportunities offered by the Val Ferret, a beautuful green valley that runs from our village of Entrèves to the border with Switzerland. The golf course of Val Ferret (1650 mt asl) is open in the Summer with a 9-hole course surrounded by beautiful mountains such as the very scenic Grandes Jorasses and the Mont Blanc with the Aiguille Noire.
  10. This beautiful and bucolic environment is a great place to relax, with great food and leasure activities: walks, castles, mountains, lakes, views, spas, wild nature and wildlife, traditions,  history.
The Hotel Aigle as the base, starting point, way-point, or ending point for a great stay!
Hotel Aigle Entrèves-Courmayeur - Autumn view
Hotel Aigle Entrèves-Courmayeur – Autumn view

A fine new building in the respect of mountain home design, all the comforts and a great location, the HOTEL AIGLE is a great option for accommodation and dining in the Sunny Side of the Mont Blanc.

We are located at the center of all the above opportunities, exactly at the merging point of Val Veny and Val Ferret.

Also we are within a walking distance to the boarding site of the SkyWay cable-car, which provides access to Helbronner Point and (via a system of cable cars) to Chamonix.

The French town of Chamonix cal also be reached in a half hour via the Mont Blanc Tunnel which Italian access can be reached by car in 10 minues from our hotel.

The ski-areas of Courmayeur, Val Veny, La Thuile and La Rosiere (the latter in the French territory) can be reached in minutes.

Working together

Working together to us means being a good parter for agents like you who wishes to expand their offers to their valuable clients. We will provide high quality hosting service and will serve as a info hub for all the mentioned activities.

Our 16-room hotel can offer lodging and a familiar atmosphere to individuals, families and small groups. In case of larger gourps, we work with several other hotels near us in order to provide diffuse accommodation within the same village and one restaurant for the half-board treatment of our guests.

Do contact us for further information, visits, scouting. We will be happy to create with you a new business opportunity designed for reciprocal benefit, putting the customer, our-guest/your-client, at the very center of our care and attention. Our priority is to turn our guests into happy clients via providing a memorable, unforgettable, emotional experience.

This is the Hotel Aigle, and we want to be your valuable parter.

Contact us today:

Hotel Aigle
Address: Strada La Palud, 5 – Entrèves
I – 11013 Courmayeur (AO)

Tel: +39.0165.869700
fax: +39.0165.869806

We look forward to hearing from you and start working together!

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Address and Contacts

Hotel Aigle
Strada La Palud, 5
I – 11013 courmayeur (AO)

gps: 45º 48′ 50″ N – 6º 57′ 48″ E

Telephone, fax, email

tel: +39.0165.869700
fax: +39.0165.869806



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11013 Courmayeur (AO)

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    Where we are

    The Hotel Aigle is located in Entrèves, a pretty village of the Aosta Valley in the Courmayeur area.
    Entrèves is located at the end of the valley, where it is blocked by the Mont Blanc massif, forming a small plateau from which the Val Veny to the south-west and the Val Ferret to the north-east branch off. The village is just over 2 km from Courmayeur, along the road that leads from the town to the Mont Blanc tunnel.
    The Aigle Hotel is located in the eastern part of Entrèves, where the provincial road leads to Val Ferret.

    (For a simplified MAP of what is to be found in the immediate surroundings of our hotel please see the other map at the bottom of this page.)

    How to reach the Hotel Aigle

    For guests arriving in Courmayeur by public transport (bus or train), a shuttle service by hotel car is available. The service is free and on request, with appropriate notice.

    How to reach us by car from Italy

    From any location in Italy, three solutions are possible:

    • Take the A5 motorway (Turin-Aosta-Mont Blanc) to the end, about 3 km after Courmayeur. Continue for another 600 m until the bend on the left before the Mont Blanc tunnel. Exit to the right and turn right, taking the road to La Palud which goes down. After 300 m the Hotel is visible on the left side.
    • Coming from Courmayeur, take the Statale 36 for about 2 km to the point where it crosses the Larzey-Entrèves Municipal Road. Take the short connection on the right with the indication for Val Ferret. Take the Municipal Road for less than 1 km to the Hotel, which appears on the right side, after a slight curve.
    • Coming from Courmayeur, it is also possible to take the Larzey-Entrèves Municipal Road from the beginning. This solution is particularly suitable when waiting times for the Mont Blanc tunnel cause long queues on the motorway. It is also recommended when visiting Courmayeur.

    How to reach us by car from France

    After the Mont Blanc tunnel, take the first km of road downhill. At the first bend to the right, exit to the left and turn right, taking the road to La Palud which goes down. After 300 m the Hotel is visible on the left side.

    How to reach us by bus from Italy and France

    Buses from Aosta, Italy and Chamonix (France) stop in Courmayeur, in piazzale Monte Bianco. At the same stop, take the bus to Entrèves and Val Ferret. The frequency is every 30 ‘in high season and 1h in the rest of the year. After about 10 minutes of ride, get off at the Entrèves stop, almost in front of the Hotel.

    How to reach us by train from Italy

    Take the Turin-Aosta train, which stops in Chivasso for passengers arriving from Milan. From Aosta take the bus of the Aosta-Courmayeur line. From Courmayeur continue as above.