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Hotel Aigle and the wine and food tourism in summer

Here, at the Hotel Aigle, we know that to make our guests' holiday comfortable it is important to pay close attention to the cuisine. And we love to believe that our restaurant is up to the task.
On the other hand, the pleasures of the palate have no frontiers and even seasons. And then, in between a trip to the mountains and a ride with a mountain bike, it may be great to taste original flavors and enjoy special quality recipes.

Apple trees near Jovencan (Aosta).

Apple trees
near Jovencan (Aosta).

As far as wine and food are concerned, Aosta Valley has a lot to offer. Cheeses, meats, preserves, cakes, wines, liquors. And all these wonders are at your fingertips from our Hotel.
You can make a short tour into Courmayeur city center looking around great cheese shops, delis, bakeries and wine bars. On their desks you can find all the best specialties of the Aosta Valley and beyond. You will find, for example, dairy products and meats of Savoy and Switzerland, as also many of the best Italian and French wines.
The open markets set up on via Rome or in other locations of upper Valle d'Aosta are also exciting opportunities to discover small-scale productions of high quality, which includes wines, preserves, honey and cheese. Hotel Aigle is concerned to keep the program of these events, in order to inform all our interested customers.

The wonderful cellar of Morgex and La Salle, ideal destination of wine enthusiasts.

The wonderful cellar of Morgex and La Salle, ideal destination of wine enthusiasts.

Fans of high quality shouldn't miss the opportunity to visit the best producers directly at their factory.
Not far from Courmayeur you can visit important centers of production and storage of fontina cheese in Pré-Saint-Didier and Morgex. Having the time to go a bit further, you can visit excellent cheese factories in Valgrisenche, Vertosan and Vetan.
A visit to the best wineries in the area is a strongly recommended experience. From the hotel, the Cantina of Blanc de Morgex La Salle in Morgex can be reached in 15-20 minutes. Their publications report that their vineyards would be the highest in Europe... A bit more far away is located the famous cellar of Infer d'Arvier, one of the excellence red wine in the Valley. Keep driven to the south, you can reach all the major producers of Introd, Villeneuve and Aymavilles, included some of the best Italian labels ever.
It is not over! On the other side of Mont Blanc, in fact, there are other worlds to explore. Chamonix, with its stalls overflowing with gastronomic delights. Meats, sausages and the legendary cheeses from the Savoy. Martigny, with its shops of cheeses, wines and spirits. The wine producers of the Valais, the best in Switzerland.

Haute Savoie cheese on a stall in the Chamonix open market.

Haute Savoie cheese on a stall in the Chamonix open market.

Available to hotel guests, we have a list of the leading producers with their most representative wines and references to make an appointment directly at the winery.


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