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Hotel Aigle and the cultural tourism in summer

In summer, stay times in the mountains are, in general, longer. So, it is inevitable that arises the desire to do something different from the hikes or anything else. Nothing better, then, than taking a car or the bus to see some touristic attractions nearby.
A real advantage of the Hotel Aigle is its great location. Less than a kilometer, in fact, you can get all the major traffic connections.
By car, you can reach everything easily. From Aosta to various locations in the Valley, from Chamonix to the main towns of Haute-Savoie, from French Switzerland to Geneva.
And people without a car can count on several bus lines that allow them to reach Aosta and Chamonix in a simple way.

The roman theater in Aosta.

The roman theater in Aosta.

In summer the range of destinations to visit is very wide.
Some of them can be reached from the Hotel in less than half an hour. For example, Morgex and its charming old town with a beautiful church, and Avise, with medieval buildings and ancient Roman times remains.
Arvier, Saint Pierre, Introd, Sarre and Aymavilles are just a bit more than half an hour away. And there, the tourist can choose among a lot of options: the Sarriod de la Tour castle, the badlands of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Nicolas, ancient buildings of Introd, Les Combes and the House Museum John Paul II, the Sarre castle, the Roman bridge in Pondel.
Heading to the south Aosta Valley, you can visit the beautiful castles of Fenis and Issogne. Are respectively 35 minutes and 45 minutes by highway from the hotel, but require a whole day because of the limited admissions. And the same goes for the stunning Bard Fortress.

The Bard Fortress, from the road that goes up the south side.

The Bard Fortress, from the road that goes up the south side.

A separate issue is represented by Aosta.
The city can be reached from the hotel in about 30 minutes by the highway. The visit may take from few hours to a full day.
You can start with the Porta Pretoria, the Arch of Augustus and the Roman theater. Then, you can go to the collegiate church of St. Orso, with the famous cloister, and the Santa Maria Assunta cathedral. You can also visit the Museo Archeologico Regionale, so rich and exciting. And finally, a walk from Piazza Emile Chanoux in Via Sant'Anselmo and Via de Tillier, to glance in the shops or restore in one of the elegant pastry and coffee shops in the area.

Tourism on a motorbike around the Mont Blanc, Valle d'Aosta, France and Switzerland.

Tourism on a motorbike around the Mont Blanc, Valle d'Aosta, France and Switzerland.

Hotel Aigle is just two steps from the entrance of the Mont Blanc Tunnel. When traffic is fluent, Chamonix is accessible from the hotel in about 20 minutes.
From Chamonix you can easily reach all places of the Haute Savoie, both by car and by train. For example, Annecy with its famous buildings and quaint houses.
Chamonix has many reasons of interest. First of all, its elegant streets, numerous shops and restaurants, serving both traditional Savoyard specialties and dishes of all cuisines. Worth a visit is the Alpine Museum, with the suggestive evidence of the Mont Blanc exploration. And we cannot forget the big market, with clothing, objects of all kinds and culinary delights.
From Chamonix, you can head by car or train to Martigny, in Switzerland, and from there, go further to Lausanne and Geneva. But already in Martigny there would be enough to see. The main street, with many shops and historic buildings, the Gianadda Foundation, with its major exhibitions and its outdoor sculpture park, and finally the beautiful views of the vineyards around.

Who wants to try some of these beauties does not have to hesitate, but ask to the hotel staff and will be given information, guides, material, advice to enjoy better the time at the foot of the Mont Blanc.


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