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Hotel Aigle and the summer sports

There are many people who do not like hiking or who are afraid to ride a bike. Just as there are many who prefer to alternate trips and mountain bike rides with other sots of sports.
Hotel Aigle offers logistical support ideal for most of the sports in and around Courmayeur. This is due to its location, the equipment available and the passion of its staff.

The Golf Club Courmayeur in Val Ferret.

The Golf Club Courmayeur
in Val Ferret.

Hotel Aigle is an excellent starting point for mountaineering.
Many of the most famous routes start from Punta Helbronner, arrival station of the cable car of Mont Blanc: Giant's Tooth, Grand Capucin, Mont Maudit, Mont Blanc du Tacul, many routes to the summit of Mont Blanc. The departure station is located in La Palud, less than 1 km from the hotel.
From La Palud, there are also busses to the Val Ferret, where you go to face giants like the Grandes Jorasses and Mont Dolent, or have fun climbing on the walls of the valley. In front of the hotel there is a stopof the connecting bus to the Val Veny, the starting point of the Italian route to Mont Blanc and many famous routes in the Freney and Brouillard valleys.
Of course, the support provided by the hotel is not just the proximity. We are available to help our customer with searching a mountain guide or the equipment to hire.

Climbing on the walls in Val Ferret.

Climbing on the walls in Val Ferret.

The ease of access from the Hotel Aigle to Val Ferret encourages other typical summer sports. The golf, for example, which is practiced in the field of Golf Club Courmayeur et Grandes Jorasses. Also in Val Ferret, there are various facilities for horse riding and fishing reserves. At the Hotel we can give you information about their location and how to get a fishing permit.
Courmayeur and its vicinity also allow you to practice particular types of sports in nature. In Pré-Saint-Didier, you can experience the thrill of rafting or have the experience to take one of the elevated routes in the trees of the Adventure Park. At the Hotel we can provide information and brochures about it and much more.

Rafting on the River Dora.

Rafting on the River Dora.

For those who want to do some sports indoors, near Courmayeur, there is the Courmayeur Forum Sport Center. From the hotel you can reach it in few minutes driving or get the bus.
There, you can do many things: ice skate, play hockey or curling, play tennis, squash and table tennis. There are also volley, basket and soccer courts. You can swim, do gymnastics and even practice golf. And there is also a beautiful indoor climbing wall, just not to stop climbing even on rainy days.


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Webcam Hotel Aigle.

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