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Hotel Aigle and the hiking in summer

For those who like to walk, Courmayeur is an inexhaustible source of hikes and excursions.
Most of the routes takes place on the trails of Val Veny and Val Ferret. The beginnersí paths run through the valley and reach clusters of chalets, cottages, lakes. Others trails, a bit more difficult, lead to cozy mountain shelters or till the opposite side of the Mont Blanc, offering spectacular views. And then there hikes of greater engagement, that last a full day. Routes in some cases equipped, that reach high passes, huts and high camps on the slopes of Mont Blanc. Last but not least, this is the land of famous "trekkings" lasting several days.

The Rifugio Elisabetta, a popular hiking destination for all.

The Rifugio Elisabetta,
a popular hiking destination
for everybody.

Hotel Aigle, seems tailor-made to suit every type of hiker. Due to its location it allows quick access to both valleys.
The way to the Val Veny is just one kilometer going down to Courmayeur and, after less than 5 minutes driving, you have to take the road on the right that leads into the valley.
Reaching the Val Ferret is even easier, because the road passes almost in front of the hotel. In fact, summer access to the valley is limited. So, usually, you leave your car in one of the parkings of Entrèves and continue with the comfortable bus that takes you all the way up to the Val Ferret. The starting point is 500 meters from the square over the Hotel Aigle. So it is pointless moving the car.

Walking at high altitude in front of Mont Blanc.

Walking at high altitude in front of Mont Blanc.

On the trails of Courmayeur passes the Tour of Mont Blanc (TMB). And this can only be a matter of pride.
The Italian side of the tour runs across all the Val Veny and Val Ferret. The traits hillside on the opposite slopes of the Mont Blanc are among the most exciting ever.
Every year thousands of hikers from all around the world come here to do this tour, staying in mountain huts and hotels in the valley. Many will remain for several days in the same place for better appreciate the beauty or try the attractions.
For some years the Hotel Aigle has become one of the favorite places to stay for the "pilgrims" of the Tour of Mont Blanc. For this reason, we devote special attention to them and try to offer all possible support with information and advice.

The Lake of Miage, a wonder at your fingertips.

The Lake of Miage, a wonder at your fingertips.

After a few days of trip on our mountains, someone maybe want to see the other side of Mont Blanc. About that, you just have to go through the Mont Blanc tunnel and in 20-30 minutes you will reach Chamonix. Once there, you can make trips to the Aiguilles Rouge, or go further, in Les Contamines, Argentière, or even in Switzerland.
From the Hotel Aigle the adventure is very simple, and that is accomplished in a car or bus. The tunnel is very close.

The Lake of Arpy, a favorite destination for a short walk.

The Lake of Arpy, a favorite destination for a short walk.

The location, however, is not everything. In fact, the Hotel Aigle offers a lot of other things for the hiking lovers.
We take particularly care of eating, from dinner to breakfast in the morning. The ability to prepare sandwiches and snacks for the picnic lunch during the tour. Of course, maps, guides and brochures of any kind. And, where appropriate, we give indications to rent equipment for special circumstances like trekking poles, via ferrata set, ropes, etc.
But our commitment goes even deeper. It is a commitment made of recommendations and suggestions. A commitment made of the stories of how others have experienced a particular trip, the problems they have encountered, the emotions they felt. A commitment that our website and our Facebook page are, we believe, a good testimony.


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