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Hotel Aigle and the cycling and mountain bike in summer

Nowadays the sport of cycling comes in two versions: the classic road cycling and mountain bike. Many of those who love one they also love the other. Speaking of a mountain resort like Courmayeur, preference goes to the mountain bike, which, as the name implies, takes place in its natural habitat.
At the Hotel Aigle bike sports enjoy special attention. Precisely so, every year there is a growing number of fans who use this hotel as a base for their holidays cycling.

Mountain biking in Val Veny.

Mountain biking in Val Veny.

As with other sports, the location of the Hotel Aigle is ideal for cycling.
Lovers of mountain bikecycling on the road, just out from the Hotel, can leave for the mountain bikeVal Veny and mountain bikeVal Ferret. After some ramps uphill, long and scenic stretch on slight slope begin (be careful not to be distracted downhill). Otherwise, you can head down to the valley and follow longer routes, to Morgex, Aosta, La Thuile, or the Colle San Carlo.
The mountain bikemountain bikers have not spoiled for choice. Leaving the Hotel, they can reach the beginning of the Val Veny and Val Ferret, where they can enjoy a myriad of alternatives: pedal to the valley floor, treks uphill to the alpine huts. Traits mixed, partly riding and partly by pushing, in the wonderful side valleys, or even up to the passes at high altitude.
The use of mountain bikes is not, however, exclusive to the fans of it. From the Hotel Aigle, in fact, depart simple routes within the reach of those who use a bike very little or have even never tried it.

Bikers group departing early in the morning from the Hotel Aigle.

Bikers group departing early in the morning from the Hotel Aigle.

The attention that we devote to the bike fans is attested by various facts.
For customers who have their own bikes we provide a special room to recover it. Inside they can find the equipment for maintenance and emergency repairs. Many place to rent a bike are avaible for those who do not own one. For information, please ask at the hotel.
Hotel Aigle is in contact with the main associations and schools of mountain bike in the area. You can attend courses for few days or even entry classes for few hours. If necessary, there are experienced guides available for engaging mountain bike tours of several days. For example, the Tour of the Mont Blanc huts or the Tour of Mont Blanc.
The high standard granted from the Hotel Aigle in this field earned him the name of "bike hotel", special certification awarded by the Club Bike Valle d'Aosta.


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