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Images and media about Courmayeur

The endless choice of attractions, the variety of shop windows in Courmayeur, the charm of the Valle d'Aosta and the neighboring regions in France and Switzerland can not be passed with neither video nor with photographs. However, some images can help all of us to plan better both a holiday and a short stay.

Here, then, a selection of images of various types: webcams, photos, panoramic views, videos, maps.
The subjects are Courmayeur and its hamlets, Val Veny, Val Ferret, passes and valleys that are excursion destinations, oddities and wonders, location of the Valle d'Aosta and of the neighboring France, villages, views of castles and vineyards.

Up to you the privilege to complete and, if possible, better this collection with your best images. Although, we all know, the best pictures are the ones that we keep inside us.


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