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Courmayeur, Mont Blanc, Valle d'Aosta and more...

Courmayeur and Mont Blanc are a combination known to all.

With the 4810 meter of its top, the Mont Blanc is by far the most impressive mountain range of the Alps.
The huge wall stands at the end of the Valle d'Aosta, setting a natural barrier between France and Italy. A border line as impressive, as easy to pass. The two sides, in fact, communicate with each other in two ways. Down, at the bottom of the valleys, through the bowels of the giant, with a modern and efficient tunnel, which connects Courmayeur to Chamonix in about a 30' ride by car. High on top, by the Mont Blanc cableway, that with its spectacular leaps offers breathtaking scenery for everyone.

At the foot of Mont Blanc stretch two marvelous valleys: the Val Ferret and Val Veny. Two very different landscapes: flat and pastoral the first one, more rugged and glacial the second one. Just for this reason they can offer opportunities and excitement for everyone. Mountaineering, hiking, simple walks, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, nature tours, horseback riding, cycling, mountain biking, tennis, golf, rafting, fishing. There are few places in the world, able to offer so much for everyone.

The Courmayeur side of the Mont Blanc range.

The Courmayeur side
of the Mont Blanc range.

Courmayeur has established itself as a holiday resort since 1700. Today it is a vibrant city full of attractions. Its location and its special elegance make it one of the most popular destinations of mountain tourism in Europe.

The town extends on one side of the Dora, the river in the Valle d'Aosta. Along the main and side streets are lined ancient buildings, all restored. Now they house municipal offices, shops, bars, restaurants and clubs of all kinds, but always elegant and interesting.
In the main directions, the village stretches itself into several towns, smaller but no less important: Dolonne, Entrèves, La Palud, La Saxe, Verrand, Villair.

The parish church of St. Pantaleon in Courmayeur.

The parish church of St. Pantaleon in Courmayeur.

Courmayeur is not just a place to stop, relax, get together and do things as a normal holiday resort. Its geographical location and connections make it the starting point for many tourist itineraries, rich and sometimes surprising.
A short distance away is Pré-Saint-Didier, where the valley of La Thuile starts, end with the pass of the Petit St. Bernard. A little further downstream are Morgex and La Salle, with their vineyards, cellars and mountain pastures.
A short travel on the highway will take you to Aosta, a city rich in Roman remains and a venue for major exhibitions. Along the way you can visit the many castles, which are a prerogative of all Valle d'Aosta.
Time to go through the tunnel under Mont Blanc and you get to Chamonix. The location alone is worth a day. But from there you can go to the beautiful Annecy, or go further to Switzerland, in Geneva, Martigny, Verbier, or so... And it may be enough for now...


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